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Whether it's a digital undertaking you are doing and need hands on managment for, or it is the curating of you app development team. Our affiliated project. managers are specialists when it comes to delivering a hands-on approach to making sure your projects get done in correct amount of time.



 Or are your bookings on your website just not coming through even though you've optimised it? Our affiliated software consultants specialise in ensuring that whatever software problems you may have, are identified and corrected in the shortest possible time.


Are you wanting to run Social Media ads but are lacking either the know-how or the team to do it? We have a team of affiliated specialists who have been working in the field of Social Advertising since 2009 on both the Western social platforms as well as the Asian social platforms

Art Direction & 

Graphic design

So many art directors and designers claim to be specialists, but end up ripping ideas off google or turning to other brands for 'Inspiration'. We only work with the best though, from Logo design, to Social Content, through to print ads and image films, our Art Directors have worked on clients ranging from BMW through to Suppreme, and always deliver the desired results.


Are you in need of a snappy headline for a print ad? What about SEO optimised copy for your website, or how about content copy for your Social posts? Our affiliated copy and content writers have all worked

mult-disciplinary in some of the worlds biggest advertising agencies!



Our director affiliated director of influencer relations has worked with some of the biggest influencers and celebrities out there. Whether  it be a long term partnership with DJ Khaled, an event by

Cardi B, or simply a campaign with Supreme Patty or Funny Mike, we ensure you not only get exactly what you want, but you get it at the best cost possible.

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